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Thanks to Newman Hall-Holy Spirit Church and Estela Almanza, we will donate 2,000 scarves to them for distribution to the homeless and those in need

When they start to distribute the headscarves, I will let them take some photos to let me know that these headscarves are indeed distributed to those in need

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All about how to pay

Q:I don't have a PayPal account. How can I pay? A:You can sign up for a PayPal account and bind your bankcard account to PayPal,Then you can pay. Q:Why PayPal instead of credit card? A:PayPal is very secure as a third-party transaction guarantee platform. Because when you pay us at PayPal, Paypal will detain the payment. Only when we fill in the transportation number in paypal and the customer confirms...

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Q & A about our company

1.Q:Are you back to normal sales now?A:We are currently only resuming the sales of some general style masks, because the factory is still unable to obtain government approval. We need government approval to allow us to use the raw materials they provide to produce our unique washable masks and mask filters. 2.Q:Why your Amazon store products are not available? A:Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, Amazon now does...

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ANALAN MASK Provide masks for family members of medical staff for free!


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