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A New Start Sell on Amazon

A New Start Sell on Amazon

It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!

                                                                                                          ————————— Rocky

Talking about our plan for 2020

      Due to the Amazon system incorrectly classifying our products as medical devices, our products were completely removed from the shelves, and our hard work over 2 years was almost destroyed.

     We only officially resumed all products on Amazon on February 6th, we have to start again, and everything is back to the starting point.

    In this incident, my business philosophy also changed.

    Our mask design philosophy is "simple but not simple" and we will focus on improving the breathability and comfort of masks.

    Our company focuses on masks for daily protection rather than industrial and medical fields.So I think the design of masks should be more fashionable and need to be improved to be easier to use and more comfort and breathable.

    In terms of mask's protection performance, I decided to redesign the new mask filter to make the mask filter have better daily protection!

    This is a heavy blow and a new opportunity. Based on customer feedback, we decided to abandon the sale of disposable masks and focus on selling washable masks.

    First, we decided to redesign a new second-generation filter for all style masks.Second, we decided to start selling a brand new design mask in May.

    We are already improving the style 'masks with valves', increasing the breathability of the masks, and will start selling the improved style in May.


Talking About donating masks to Wuhan

      I am a Chinese. Although I studied in the United States, I am not a good student. Even my English is poor.But as a Chinese, I must make some contributions to my country.So I donated most of my inventory to the local charity in Wuhan.

      I love my country, I love my career. Although I will encounter various difficulties along the way, I will still adhere to my beliefs, continue to design new masks, and continue to do so.

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