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Analan masks are masks that are made particularly for controlling the inhalation of harmful substances such as harmful gases and dust especially in poor ventilated rooms. In addition, these masks can also be used in countries experiencing very low temperatures as they able to regulating temperatures around the nose.

These masks have filters that cleans air before someone inhales it and also helps to control instances of nose being injured during work. We are aware that they are many people who are allergic to dust or even cold places and they need these masks to protect themselves. Our company therefore focuses on producing these quality analan masks to safeguard the safety of all people who are allergic to such conditions. We will try to outline some of the key features of these masks and why you need to get a supply from us.

How analan works
•Two inner layers.
This kind of a mask has different layers that enables it to filter different substances. The inner layer has two other layers that enhances filtering hydrocarbons substances and also reduces the strength of bad odor. Furthermore, the two layers have a micro fiber filters pm 2.5v that enables clean the air from harmful bacteria's that may cause respiratory problems. In addition, the presence of these two layers helps to regulate electrostatic charges hence filtering ultra fine particles that may cause difficulties in breathing.

•Two valves.
Presence of the two valves enhances easy breathing through controlling presence of smoke within the breathing chamber. These valves also helps to regulate heat and also preventing formation and accumulation of moisture. There are rear cases of bacteria forming due to the presence of the two valves.

•Fitted with adjustable stripes and are also M-shapedDifferent people have different head sizes therefore, for everyone to enjoy using analan mask, these analan masks are fitted with adjustable stripe size that can fit in different head sizes. In addition, the adjustable stripes helps someone to adjust the stripe until they feel comfortable while wearing it. The stripes are made of soft and elastic material that does not stress you and that does not tend to Pierce in your skin. Furthermore, the masks are M-shaped which helps the nose fit comfortably while wearing it. This therefore means that you can not experience friction which could harm your nose.

•Cotton material.
The material used in making the analan mask is made up of pure cotton which makes it easy to wash and hence saving on money to acquire new ones each time you ate working on a similar task. This mask is also easy to carry from one place to another. The analan dust mask are reusable without even causing any skin discomfort. This analan mask is also able to provide you with enough warmth during cold temperatures due to the cotton material used in making the mask.

It is very clear that you need these face masks for dust prevention and also control the inhalation of harmful gases if you are allergic to such conditions. We avail these dust mask at affordable prices and you can therefore contact us anytime you need a supply. You can also visit for more information about the analan masks.

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