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We decided to donate the remaining inventory to the people in China

We decided to donate the remaining inventory to the people in China

Because many relatives of friends who live abroad in China, parents ca n’t buy masks in China, we made an important decision today.

Although I knew I would make a lot of money selling masks now, I still decided to donate the rest of my inventory.

If you live abroad, but your parents, relatives are in china, please contact us immediately, we will give them free masks, and you only need to pay domestic shipping costs.

Please note that this will not affect our sale on Amazon on February 20th.

The masks we will donate are our reusable M1-R1 model masks without filters.(The cost of the filter has increased 10 times, and we cannot order raw materials for production)

We now announce the steps on how to donate:

1.Please contact us via email or facebook, and tell us your friends or relatives in China, parents' addresses and contact information

2.We will randomly send our remaining inventory in China,You need to pay the logistics cost of domestic shipping in China,but the mask will be free for you.

3.This gift is limited to giving masks to customers' friends, relatives and parents who live in China now. Limited to 2 per person


A good brand should not be considered to be of poor quality because the products are all made in China.

I am a Chinese and I hope to use my actual actions to change the world's prejudice against Made in China.

A good product knows no borders!

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