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Why do I choose to creat ANALAN mask?

Why do I choose to creat ANALAN mask?

I can't deny that I come from China. I used to go to college in the United States. During my study, I suffered from severe pollen allergies.My girl friend, andy, also has severe allergic symptoms.


She told me that many people in the United States suffer from severe allergies, That is so terrible!


When I finished college, I returned to China, but Andy stayed in the United States. She told me that she wanted me to help buy some masks and send them to the United States because the local masks were too expensive and the style was not very good.


So I bought some masks locally in China and sent them to the United States. She was amazed at the low price of the mask and disappointed at the same time. Because their quality is too bad.


I was disappointed at that time, but when I looked up the information, I found that no matter 3M or other brands, their masks were manufactured in China.


Why is that? Can't China produce very good masks? Why can't we create a Chinese brand of masks that customers can trust?


At that time, I told andy. Hey, andy, why don't we make a mask brand?


Andy agreed, she wanted the mask to be not only highly protective but also very beautiful.


It's hard to get started.


We spent a lot of time testing the quality of each supplier's products, and eventually we found a factory in Shandong that manufactures masks for Japanese brands.Their factory is NEISON certified and manufactures protective masks for many government agencies.


Then we start sold on amazon.


we sold 7,000 dust masks on amazon and provided customers with free N99 filters during the California wildfire in 2017 and 2018. We have received widespread recognition.


But in 2019, things changed. A lot of vendors started selling poor-quality masks on amazon. They wanted to occupy the market at very low prices. They sold poor-quality products to the United States.


I'm angry because they don't follow the rules of the game, but I'll stick to my rules.


Although they have taken a lot of market share, I believe that only a good reputation can win the final victory!


Our company is very small, but we will insist on putting the quality of products in the first place!


If you receive any defective products or have any complaints about them, please let us know in time that we will try our best to improve our products.

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